About Us

Welcome to WIPP Data, on a mission to Empower Positive Change with Data. We achieve that by helping manufacturers and distributors optimize their Supply Chain. Whether it's inventory, procurement, or other supply chain function, we save companies time and money through better data. 

We love what we do! And we love seeing our customers smile when they open up a dashboard and say, "this is exactly what I've been looking for"

WIPP Data About Page


WIPP stands for Warehouse, Inventory, Procurement, and Planning, the four key Supply Chain functions, outside of Logistics and Transportation. 

We also love how it sounds similar to the "WIP" acronym commonly used in Inventory Management for Work in Process.


We'll let our satisfied clients take this question: 

"We have tons of data, but we didn't have a way to understand it. Nathan came in and pulled data from different sources into a data warehouse, and from there he was able to create dashboards and provide our exec team with meaningful insights. He not only helped us with our data, but he had great ideas around strategy, he helped us define business rules to better understand our customer base, and he worked with our accounting team to project revenues based on user behavior. He was always very responsive and was able to answer questions and provide numbers quickly. Nathan is great to work with, he's personable and professional, and very capable."


We have years of experience with Supply Chain Data. Here are some of the results we've achieved: 


Nathan Cunningham started poking around spreadsheets in 7th grade. In college, he started creating massive spreadsheets for financial modeling and operational reporting and became the "Excel Guy". After graduating, he was the go-to data person across hundreds of use cases at Ingersoll Rand and Tesla.

Nathan has two teammates who were data engineers and data scientists at Tesla. Combined, we provide nearly 20 years of Supply Chain Data experience in manufacturing and distribution environments.