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Get results faster. From inventory optimization, spend analytics, or better variance tracking, our team can save you 10% cash, months of time, or both! 

With nearly 20 years in data experience, our team of data scientists and engineers have extensive experience in Supply Chain Analytics at brands like Tesla, Trane, and many happy clients. 

Unlock your data. Hire WIPP Data. 

Custom Supply Chain Analytics Dashboards available as a service for those tired of dealing with their data

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Tableau Dashboard displaying many different charts and graphs related to inventory calculations

You're in charge of purchasing inventory for ~100 parts. You're constantly stocking out and there's too many part numbers to analyze, so you regularly purchase more than needed and your inventory is bloated. 

Get all the calculations you need in one place to save you time. Make informed decisions to save you space and cash

Tableau Dashboard displaying many different charts and graphs related to supplier procurement negotiations

You're going into a negotiation tomorrow with a vendor. You know a little bit about the history, and you know what your goals are, but you don't actually know what numbers you can share that improve your negotiating leverage. Or, what numbers the vendor might share as a potential "gotcha" moment. 

Centralize this information to cut your negotiation planning time in half.

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