How do you trust your data provider? By ensuring that they are experienced in the specific technologies that you need. WIPP Data has the experience you need to service all your technology.

ERP Systems

We are comfortable working in any ERP System. We are professionally certified in ERP Business Processes, and understand that each system has many nuances to consider.

Here are some systems that we're familiar with: Dynamics, Epicor, Acumatica, NetSuite, Odoo, Zoho, and much more!

Data Vizualization

There are many options of data visualization tools, including free and paid. We've worked inside AWS Quicksight, FojiSoft, Power BI, Tableau, Looker Studio, Looker, Apache Superset, Qlik, and much more. 

Programming Languages

In the data world, two programming languages reign supreme and we have decades of experience working with both: SQL and Python

Cloud Servers

We're comfortable in any cloud server environment. The three most common, and ones where we have the most experience are AWS (Preferred), Google Cloud, and Azure. We can start from scratch or work inside your existing environment

ETL / ELT Data Pipelines

We typically build our Data Pipelines in Python and deploy them through a cloud computing environment. This puts you in control of your destiny. We can also use software like Snowflake or Databricks, if that's preferred. 


There are dozens of different database types available now. The most common are MySQL and PostgreSQL, which we're familiar with. We also use Snowflake, Databricks, SQL Server, and much more. We don't currently have the data infrastructure for event-driven databases (such as Mongo or Scylla), but we're always up for a challenge. 

AI & Machine Learning

AI is taking the world by storm and we have multiple projects utilizing AI to forecast potential outcomes. We also can incorporate LLM's or other AI into your infrastructure.