WIPP Data believes in sharing as much information as possible. This page is dedicated to various resources our team has put together to help everyone learn a little bit more about our approach to Supply Chain Data

In 2014, Panasonic agreed to give Tesla (a relatively new, unproven company), $1B for a Gigafactory. Why?

On a podcast for SourceDay, Nathan discusses why relationships are more important than data.

By automating data, leaders can focus on the things that matters most: Relationships. WIPP Data can help you automate that data collection so you can focus on relationships.

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The Supply Chain Analytics Glossary is a comprehensive review of many metrics your team may want

If you're not sure how to calculate a certain metric, check out the WIPP Data Analytics Glossary

This lists out a lot of different metrics that might be valuable for you and your supply chain team. Don't see a metric you're interested in? Email us anytime. 

We share the BEST supply chain knowledge on the internet. Read through to find your favorites. 

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